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Patricia Wassall Homeopathy KinesiologyHomeopathy & Kinesiology - Patricia Wassall

Patricia Wassall has been an Optometrist for over 20 years and has been practising privately as a Homeopath since qualifying in 2002, following 4 years of classical training. She subsequently went on to complete an Advanced Diploma in Systematic Kinesiology and now uses both disciplines in her practice.

Patricia offers an individual-centred approach to healthcare. Systematic kinesiology using muscle testing allows her to investigate and prioritise health imbalances and identify targeted treatment protocols.


Disturbances can be:

  • Physical / Structural
  • Dietary / Bio-chemical / Toxic
  • Mental / Emotional
  • Energetic / Electrical / Spiritual

Many bio-chemical or hormone imbalances can be subtle enough to fall within normal blood test parameters and yet have a significant effect on our health. A test kit can be used in conjunction with muscle testing to investigate these disturbances in detail and to determine the most direct route to balanced function.

Treatment is gentle and non-invasive and includes homeopathic remedies along with gentle physical adjustments and advice on diet, lifestyle and nutritional supplements. Both children and adults can benefit.

The goals of treatment are to support the achievement of optimum energy and mood, balanced hormone levels and body chemistry, good detoxification processes and gastrointestinal health, along with healthy blood-sugar levels and tolerance to a broad range of food groups.

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