Homeopathy and Hayfever

Health Transitions

Hay fever is a sign of imbalance in the immune system and often causes a  significant disruption in the life of a sufferer. Allergic conditions generally respond quite well to homeopathy and treatment during an allergy attack can show amazing results, often bringing relief for the rest of the current season. Hay fever can be quite persistent, returning year after year, and we can only stop this cycle with constitutional treatment from a professional homeopath when the sufferer is not in the throws of fighting off the acute attack. Certain remedies have been shown to work well when hay fever is at a peak and are completely safe to use as they are free from side effects. Can you match your symptoms to one of the following remedy pictures?




Watery, runny nose which drips   constantly.
The discharge may burn nose or lip.
Watery eyes (which don’t burn).
Violent sneezing, nose may feel    completely blocked.
Worse on the left side and in a warm room.
Better for open air.

Common red Onion







Watery, runny nose which drips   constantly.
Worse right side.
Discharge burns the skin and sores may form inside the nostrils.
Burning pains in nose, eyes and throat which are better for heat or hot drinks.
Better in a warm room, worse cold or breathing in cold air.
Sneezing on waking.

Eyes inflamed: extreme irritation, burning and itching. Light sensitive and watery.
Wakes in the morning with eyelids sticky and crusted.
Nose very runny and watery but the discharge doesn’t burn.
Intense sneezing.
Worse morning, warm breezes, wind.
Better at night on lying down.

Very runny nose with discharge like     ‘egg white’.
Intense sneezing with a watery        discharge from the nose.
Nose blocked, catarrh can drip down the back of the throat.
Eyes watery, gritty.
Symptoms worse in open air or wind.
Chapped lips and cracks at the corner of the mouth.
Dry mouth and can be very thirsty.

Very runny nose in the morning and during the day; horrible dry, raw stuffed up nose at night and in bed.
Stuffed irritated nose becomes runny in a warm room and makes the sufferer feel better generally.
Terrible sneezing  and runny nose on getting up in the morning.
Worse open air and for eating.

Watery discharge from the nose and eyes which doesn’t burn but may lead to an infection.
Awful itching and watering of eyes, better for a cold compress.
Symptoms worse in the open air or being overheated.
Better air conditioning.
Very sensitive to all pollens.
May have wheezing and cough, worse on lying.

Tremendous bouts of sneezing; can’t do anything but sneeze.
Every sneeze makes the eyes water.
Constant itching and tingling inside nose.
Nose watery and stuffed up.
Eyes watery, burning and red.
Symptoms worse in open air and especially for flower pollen.
Better for a warm room and warm drinks.