Farewell (for now)!

Lauren 37 Weeks

Farewell (for now)!

Just to let you know that as of the end of this week I will officially be on maternity leave! I am 37 weeks today and as you can imagine it is now in yours and my best interests for you to receive Chiropractic care from another practitioner!

Whilst I am away Katie Champion will be covering the majority of my hours to fit alongside her current practice here. We also now have Amy Mawson who has returned from her maternity leave to run clinics on a Monday and Thursday morning. Kevin Pistak is also available doing his normal hours which include a Saturday.

I know that between them Katie, Amy and Kevin will provide the very best Chiropractic care for all my patients until I return some time later this year. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any queries or concerns. In the mean time I can safely say, I will miss you all and I wish you a happy and healthy summer!

Lauren x