April Newsletter

Patrick Calm Horizon February 2014

Have you ever considered HYPNOTHERAPY FOR STRESS? Tap back into what helps you relax.

Patrick Lucocq is a behavioural hypnotherapist and covers: shifting anxiety, stress, unhealthy beliefs and habits. Patrick says" It’s easy to consider stress as harmful however, some stress is critical for making sure we are sharp, focussed and at peak performance particularly in work and sport.".

Read more of what Patrick has to say and if you would like like to book an appointment or have a chat with him first, please contact him through the clinic or on the addresses below.

Patrick Lucocq BSc PCBHyp   M.07885 266957    patrick@calmhorizon.co.uk      www.calmhorizon.co.uk   


United Chiropractic Assosciation Spinal Awareness Week

Spinal Awareness Week is a national initiative from the United Chiropractic Association and will be held every May. The theme for this year’s Spinal Awareness Week is: 

‘Posture Starts with the Spine’. Spinal Awareness Week hopes to educate and empower people to make positive changes in their posture and health.

During Spinal Awareness Week, we will focus attention on some very modern-day risks to a good posture and will also offer advice on posture in babies. For example, we will be raising awareness about the danger of forward-leaning posture – the habit of dropping the head forward and rounding the shoulders while using mobile devices - Watch this space!

Just a REMINDER that Lauren is now back at the practice on both Monday and Thursday morning.