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20% off our Summer Personal Training Programme

'FEEL GOOD FOR SUMMER'  - 6 week Course

12 Personal One to One Training sessions

Nutritional Plan / Body Conditioning and toning / Pilates and Core workouts / Cardio Blitz / Private Gym / Home Programme

Free 20 minute Consultation if you are interested in the course

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Plant & Rake without the ache!Time for a tidy up in the garden? Be sure to take care of your back. Read our top tips to plant & rake without the ache!

The good news is - most lifting unjuries are preventable. Here are someand tested rules for lifting with care without hurting your back.

S-T-R-E-T-C-H before you start! Your Thighs/Sides/Arms & Wrists/Shoulders/Hamstrings/Back

Get close to the load: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, head up, feet & body pointing in the same direction. pivot with your feet...don't twist your body while carrying the load.

Knees bent, back straight: Check the weight of what you are lifting. Use your leg & arm muscles to smoothly and slowly lift

Easy does it: Bend your knees & slowly lower the load to it's intended place. Do not lift heavy objects above your waist. Avoid heavy lifting immeadiately after prolonged bending or kneeling.

The Right Moves. Positioning your body correctly reduces the strain on muscles and joints. Alternate chores. Change hands regularly. Kneel to plant, keeping your back straight and breaking regularly. Lastly rake right, and ease the strain on your back by putting one leg in front  the other behind. Switch legs and hands from time to time.

The Right Tools. Choose tools that are lightweight ergonomically designed & are correct for the job. A hose is easier than a watering can. Use a wheelbarrow where possible. Wear comfortable shoes. Hydrate regularly too.