May Newsletter

Spinal Awareness Week 2016 Did you see us at the market stall on Wednesday promoting Spinal Awareness Week? We were promoting the importance of taking care of your spine and nervous system through Chiropractic and a healthy lifestyle.

The theme this year was Keeping You Connected and our objective was to ‘Connect Health and Communities’ through chiropractic adjustments, exercise and diet advice.

We showed you some exciting new research (here if you missed it) of the beneficial effect Chiropractic has on the brain and it's function.

We certainly had fun interecting with you all away from the clinic and we'll be sure to let you know when we're out and about again!


Please could you all put your phones onto silent when you come into the clinic.

Receptionists find it difficult to hear people on the telephone if there is too much background noise. We would also like to remind you that other people around you may be having treatments and do not want to hear your conversations. There is already signage in place.

We ask you politely to refrain from using them as it interferes with the smooth running of the clinic.

Thank you.