May Newsletter

Berkhamsted Chiropractic Clinic Spinal Awareness Week 2017Spinal Awareness Week 2017 is next week, 15th - 19th May with the theme being “Chiropractic For Children – Checking Future Adults Today!”.  

Through Spinal Awareness Week we will promote the huge benefits chiropractic can have on the children within our communities, and how Chiropractic keeps children connected not just within themselves and their health & vitality, but also with their families, friendships, communities and globally. We aim to instil the values of how having our children checked by a chiropractor should be as common place as visiting the dentist, having their hearing or eyesight tested, and maintaining a healthy regime of exercise, nutrition, mental stimulation and rest. 



Berkhamsted Chiropractic Clinic Spinal Awareness Week Half Price OfferIn connection with SAW we are offering children new to our clinic HALF PRICE assessments and first treatment during spinal awareness week and beyond! This offer will continue through half term and will finish on 2nd June! Book today on 01442 863800.