November Newsletter

Berkhamsted Chiropractic Clinic Chris DunmallWe have a new Chiropractor! Please join us in welcoming Chris Dunmall.

Chris comes to us with 5 years experience working in a busy London clinic. He is experienced in treating patients from all walks of life from sports people to classical singers hoping to improve health and performance, but it is family practice that he finds most rewarding.

Read more about Chris and his passion behind his practice.


Abdominal Strengthening.

The side plank fires all of the muscles of the core, but in particular it activates the Quadratus Lumborum (QL). The QL is a deep stabiliser of the low back and is very commonly found to be weak in patients. This exercise emphasises the endurance of the QL, which is generally the main goal in strengthening low back and core stabilisers.

The front plank is another exercise which you perform a static hold on your forearms from a push-up position, engages your anterior (front) core muscles, the abdominals and hip flexors, this allows you to maintain your spinal alignment and prevent your lower back from over-arching and your hips from sagging toward the floor. How do I do them?


It's MOVEMBER and our chiropractor Kevin Pistak is participating in this fantastic event!

I currently have several patients and friends fighting to regain their health from prostate cancer and would like to do my part in raising awareness of men’s health issues. As the largest non-governmental investors in men’s health programmes in the world I feel the Movember Foundation deserves my support. If you would like to join me in the fight for men’s health you are welcome to make a donation however small or large you wish by going to and following the guidance there. You can also see the daily “progress” in my moustache by visiting the same site throughout the month of Movember.