November Newsletter

Berkhamsted Chiropractic Clinic Darker Days and Vitamin DDarker days getting you down?  

Less than one in fifty people are getting the amount of vitamin D their bodies’ need and the number of people showing signs of deficiency is growing.

Fresh research shows deficiency has swelled, with 98% of more than 1,000 people surveyed reporting at least three symptoms commonly linked to insufficient levels of vitamin D.

Of those likely to be deficient (five or more symptoms), only a quarter (28%) take a vitamin D supplement – highlighting a clear link between deficiency and supplementation.

Mental health symptoms have spiked, in those surveyed, with a 130% increase in depression and 65% rise in seasonal affective disorder (SAD) compared to when the same research was carried out three years ago and bone diseases, such as arthritis and osteoporosis are also on the rise, with a massive 154% increase. Don't suffer - take action!

Source - Better you as Nature intended



Nutricious food can only help in the fight to stay on top of the 'Winter Blues' (However, this one will not be for you if you are a vegetarian!)

This ugly broth with an unfortunate name is in fact yum-scrum and packs a health punch of the highest calibre.

Bone broth is really just the homemade stock of yesteryear, but one that has been cooked a little longer - the extra hours are the key to extracting all those deeply nourishing nutrients from the bones. It is delicious, extraordinarily nutritious and beats store-bought stock cubes/broth/bouillon hands down. It is incredibly healthy, inexpensive and if you aren’t already making this stuff by the bucket load, we encourage you to START TODAY!

Don’t be daunted – it’s quick, easy and cheap. All this plus its sumptuously soothing, healthful properties means it has been a go-to recipe and remedy across cultures for centuries. Also great for those who suffer with abdominal bloating, cramping and digestive issues.It is full of easily digestible vitamins, minerals, amino acids (protein), fats, gelatin and glucosamine, all of which are essential to healing to the gut and soothing the digestive tract. The good fats in the broth also help with Vitamin D absorption – making those sunshine hours worth it!

More motivated by vanity? Well get drinking this stuff– the collagen, keratin, vitamins and minerals are amazing for your hair, nails and skin – it’s even reported to smooth the nemesis cellulite!

Here's the how to!