Fuel Your Body

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Fuel your Body

Just like a car needs fuel to make it run, your body needs the right kind of nutritional fuel. The key to healthy eating is balance, variety and moderation. The right balance of foods will make sure that your body gets most of what it needs in terms of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and fibre to stay healthy.

You are what you eat

The closer a food is to its natural state the better it is for you. Unprocessed foods provide original nutrients that prevent deficiencies and keep your body in peak condition.

Did you know that healthy eating:

Lowers the risk of disease

Increases productivity and energy levels

Improves moods, memory, learning and concentration Improves immunity, growth and repair and so makes you stronger

What are healthy foods?

Vegetables including root vegetables and green leafy vegetables


Meat, fish and eggs



Foods in their natural state ie raw and fresh

Lightly cooked food ie steaming vegetables and slow oven roasting meats

Reinvigorate your diet

Top Tips for Improving your diet

Changing your eating habits should be a gradual process. Don’t try and make drastic changes overnight. Set small, realistic goals to be achieved weekly or monthly.

Start by adding good things to your diet before removing bad things. Once you’re used to eating and enjoying the good new additions in your diet, you’ll be better placed to start the process of removing the bad things.

When you’re ready to start removing bad things from your diet, do it one food (or drink) item at a time, and slowly get into the habit of not eating those things.

Eat regular meals – skipping meals can lead to out-of-control hunger, often resulting in overeating.

Many of us skip breakfast and replace it with some sort of chemical stimulant like caffeine, nicotine or chewing gum. If you can’t stomach the thought of breakfast try and at least have something light and nutritious like a piece of fruit.

Grocery Shopping – plan your menu in advance to avoid unnecessary shopping trips. Make a list and stick to it. Don’t go shopping when you are hungry. Buy lots of fresh produce - lean meats and fish, if you are unable to buy fresh fruit and vegetables choose frozen over canned as they retain more of their nutrients.

Snack swaps – cut down or swap unhealthy snacks for fresh fruit and berries which should help to curb your craving for sweets. Swap your TV snacks for crisp raw vegetables or nuts.