Smart Goal Setting

SMART Goal Setting

Many of us set New Year Health resolutions but struggle to keep them -  Why is that you ask? The resolutions you set are often unrealistic or you are not truly committed to change. If you were why wouldn’t you make these changes today?

Forget the New Year’s Resolutions you have made and broken and set a goal today to make a lifestyle change for a more healthier you.

It is important that any goal you set is SMART for it to be successful. To start with stick to one goal at a time, master it, continue with it and move onto the next.

It is best to start with the one that’s easiest so that you can be successful.Things such as what we eat, how we exercise, how much rest we get, our posture and stress we carry around are all factors to consider when making lifestyle changes for better health.

Below are some Examples when setting your SMART Health Goals


S Drink more Water and Avoid any Fizzy Drinks

M This is easy enough.

A You have the ability to do this.

R This is relevant to your goal of a healthier diet and you can do this without any major hurdles.

T Set a time frame of a week initially


S Sitting Posture, pull up out of your spine and your shoulders should be back and down

M You should be able to notice a difference

A Everyone has the ability to do this

R Improving posture is relevant to your main health goal

T This is a goal that could be open ended as it may be difficult initially to remember to change your sitting position from a slouch position that you had previously been used to.


S Take the stairs instead of the lift or Elevator at work or out shopping.

M Easy enough to Measure that you have done it.

A You have the ability to do this and it is easy enough to incorporate into your daily life.

R Relevant to your goal of a healthier lifestyle.

T Set an initial timeframe of a week but you will probably find that you will make this change continuously.

The groundwork for all happiness is good health.