May Newsletter

11th -15th May  is Spinal Awareness Week!  'Move Better-Live Better'.

Next week we are promoting the huge benefits chiropractic can have on the over 65s within our communities. The UCA acknowledges that the older population in the UK is increasing and that Chiropractic care and advice can not only improve the independence and quality of life of the elderly but also reduce the financial burden on an already stretched NHS.

We are encouraging older people to make simple changes to their lifestyle as well as providing advice on exercise, strength and balance tips and fall prevention, that will have a huge impact on their quality of life. For two weeks starting on Monday 11th May, new patients that are over 65 will receive a free assesment on their first visit. Please take a moment to pick up one of our handouts from reception and spread the word amongst your family & friends.

Click here to see a short video on never being too old (or too young) for Chiropractic!