Hypnotherapy for Stress - Tap back into what helps you relax.

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It’s easy to consider stress as harmful, however some stress is critical for making sure we are sharp, focussed and at peak performance particularly in work and sport.

Why is excessive stress considered harmful?

Healthy use of stress hormones is an immediate and present experience, however when beliefs, such thinking about things that annoy us, get involved we can start the stress process to events that have not even happened yet or are memories totally out of proportion to reason. Sometimes we have to tolerate aspects of life that we really do not want to. Slowly, the situation we want to change but do not or cannot eats into us creating painful muscle tension, a more closed outlook on life, an inability to think and act clearly or even quickly triggered frustration and anger to small matters. This can impact on sleep and thus on our quality of life cannot be overstated.

Patrick Lucocq Behavioural Therapist - Calm Horizon

When people make an appointment to see me, it’s usually because their behaviour has got to a level where they have to do something. Their sleep, anger, teeth grinding or inability to concentrate is now damaging them. Its actually a very helpful sign that someone is taking action and willing to sort this out.

Working with me as a therapist is very much about working towards a solution and how you want to behave in the present, as I cannot guarantee that life will not throw up further challenges! This development of helpful coping strategies aids growing resilience to stressful situations through expression, action or acceptance. The introduction of hypnosis helps develop a mindful approach to stress and its triggers. During a hypnosis session, the mind is allowing itself to let go of the stressful triggers and uncover the resources we all have within us to keep it that way.

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