It's Spinal Awareness Week!

This week we are celebrating Spinal Awareness Week 2016! This year our focus is “Chiropractic Keeping You Connected”.

Following on from some exciting new research we want to make patients aware of the beneficial effect Chiropractic has on the brain. We can now start to see how spinal function impacts brain function!

“The latest study suggests that the changes that we do see in the brain when we adjust the spine do occur in the prefrontal cortex. That part of the brain is like the conductor in the brain.”

“This is solid scientific evidence that adjusting the spine changes the way the prefrontal cortex of the brain is processing information from the arm. It demonstrates we change the way the brain works and shows that spinal function impacts brain function. One of the most interesting things about the changes we observed was that the prefrontal cortex is responsible for behavior, goal directed tasks, decision making, memory and attention, intelligence, processing of pain and emotional response to it, autonomic function, motor control, eye movements and spatial awareness.”

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We will be holding a stall at Berkhamsted market this Wednesday so if you or a friend or relative want to come along meet our Chiropractors and find out how connected you are then please stop by!