March Newsletter

Berkahmsted Chiropractic Clinic 3000 Steps3,000 steps a day can keep your heart healthy!

Forget the 10,000-steps-a-day rule—walking 3,000 steps in 30 minutes could be enough, especially if you have congestive heart failure and you want to improve your chances of a long life.

Doctors have warned heart patients off physical exercise, and prescribed drugs or even a pacemaker instead—but walking every day at a moderate pace has all the same benefits, new research has discovered.

Heart patients have been strictly forbidden from exercising because it was feared it would compromise the heart’s pumping action further—but the very reverse is true, researchers from the Technical University of Munich found. 

Overall, moderate walking decreased strain on the heart, improved heart muscle function, improved blood vessel dilation, helped form new blood vessels, and lowered blood pressure levels.

The discovery is a major advance, say researchers. Congestive heart failure has been considered as lethal as cancer, and sufferers had little hope for a long life. Read the full article.

Author Bryan Hubbard. (Source: Circulation, 2017; CIRCULATIONAHA.116.022924)

Moving and Feeling good Berkhamsted Chiropractic ClinicMovement Matters

So, how do we TEACH OUR KIDS that movement matters? Katy Bowman M.S. Part biomechanist, part science communicator, and full-time mover, Katy Bowman has educated hundreds of thousands of people on the role movement plays in the body and in the world. Blending a scientific approach with straight talk about sensible, whole-life movement solutions, her website and award-winning podcast, Katy Says, reaches hundreds of thousands of people every month, and thousands have taken her live classes.

Here are some of her recommended/favourite books for kids that embody, in part, some of the ideas found in Movement Matters.

Bluberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey

Mr Tiger Goes Wild by Peter Brown

Wild by Emily Bughes

Zoom by Istvan Banyai

"All books by Byrd Baylor have changed my own perception of “what is” and were fundamental to my understanding of things as I’ve presented in Movement Matters. My friend first gave me (my kids, really) The Other Way To Listen and I found it powerful. Everybody Needs a Rock and The Way to Start a Day (in that order) are my runner-ups to TOWTL.

Finally, The Bear That Wasn’t by Frank Tashlin has to go on my “most important books I’ve ever read” list vs. a list of my favorite children’s books. What does it mean, when all levels of authority disagree with what you say you are? What does it mean when others “at your level” but with a different experience of life disagree with what you say you are? When everyone else that surrounds you says you’re silly and that you don’t know yourself, are they right simply due to numbers? THESE ARE QUESTIONS, and The Bear That Wasn’t offers one bear’s perspective that we’ve referred back to often"

Check out Katy's fab website for lots more interesting information about moving more with a whole - body movement programme called Nutritious Movement.