What to expect when you visit a Chiropractor

What to expect when you visit a ChiropractorFirstly we welcome you to phone ahead if you have any questions or queries about your first visit to one of our Chiropractors. Please take a look at some of the information about each of our Chiropractors and if you like, take the opportunity to contact them directly via the email contact form at the bottom of their page.

You will need to allow about 45 minutes for your first appointment with one of our Chiropractors.

Before your first appointment you will be asked to fill out a new patient form to give us as much information as possible before we begin the consultation process. Alternatively this can be emailed and filled in ahead of time.

Men please bring shorts to wear during your consultation. Women if you could also wear shorts and a vest top this would help, otherwise you will be provided with a gown to cover your underwear.

Your first visit will involve a thorough history and examination before a diagnosis is reached. Following this you will be able to discuss how you would like to proceed or take some time to think about the advice you have been given.