Health Benefits of Love

Health Benefits of Love

Whether you have been married for years or are single and looking for that right someone it is important to make room for love in your life. Love doesn't just put a sparkle in your life - love can positively affect your health and well-being.

Romance can bring you more than just butterflies in your stomach it can:

Lead to a longer Life - The National Longitudinal Mortality Study, which has been tracking more than a million people since 1979 has found that married people live longer.

Improve your physical Fitness Couples who exercise together have more success than people who exercise alone. Both men and women work between 12 - 15% harder when training with a romantic partner.

Health Benefits of Love

Reduce Stress - People in happy relationships experience less stress and less stress means better health - A University of Pittsburgh Study found that women in good marriages have a much lower risk of cardiovascular disease. Hugging a loved one daily has also been linked to higher oxytocin levels and lowers blood pressure which is also great for your heart.

Protect Your Heart - Whilst love can bring some surprising health benefits it is also important that you live a healthy lifestyle if you want your heart to keep loving for many more years to come. Reduce the Risk Factors that are under your control such as smoking, excessive weight, stress, lack of exercise and poor diet TODAY.

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'Health is the greatest possession'